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Be The Church has developed three avenues to spark church advancement through leadership development. Find your passion for leadership again as we spark renewed excitement for ministry through high-touchpoint cohorts and conferences along with one-on-one coaching.


Healthy leaders invite accountability. Our Cohort Program provides established church leaders an avenue to relationally connect with other leaders, develop their leadership influence, and engage with opportunities to grow their church. Intentional step-by-step processes help leaders assess the true health of their organization and leadership and engage in a structured development program tailored to their unique needs.
By utilizing a hub-and-spoke model, local churches of any size can connect with other churches, develop leaders, and grow spiritually under the care of a regional ministry leader. Get tactical with like-minded pastors. Four to seven pastors will gather in a cohort (geographically selected) over the course of 12 months to partner together and grow in accountability as spiritual leaders.

Topics include:

  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Leading Staff and Establishing Culture
  • Managing Conflict
  • Resetting Your Leadership
  • Being Led by Holy Spirit
  • Common Language
  • Life of the Leader
  • Developing a Vision


Experience a Be The Church live leadership conference and re-discover your why for ministry. Gain clarity for next steps in leading your church. Invite other church leaders and lay leaders. Unlock strategies to help move your church forward. Find a Be The Church live event.


One-on-one high touchpoint coaching. It starts with a clear evaluation of the organization’s current health followed by an assessment of the leadership and tools needed to move forward. Then we build a game plan for the organization to take steps toward the greater vision and strategy for which they’ve been called.


Kingdom advancement depends on strong spiritual leadership for sustainable church growth.