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We come alongside new and established leaders to serve the local church to advance the gospel. Our team assists leaders and churches in establishing clear direction and movement needed to lead hard and make courageous decisions.

Be The Church serves as a catalytic spark built on relationships through cohorts, conferences, and coaching. We help assess each church’s challenges and organizational health. Together we walk through tailored plans providing greater alignment for revitalization and growth.

Healthy leadership fuels healthy churches to grow spiritually. By equipping leaders to discover and expand their spiritual influence, hurting churches can be revitalized and multiplied.


build healthy churches raise new leaders multiply churches


Be The Church is not built to simply give you more information. We are here for strategic collaboration and partnerships to advance ministries to grow the kingdom of God.

We are pastors and leaders who desire to see the local church grow for greater kingdom advancement. Our heart is to serve as a tool, as we see churches spread the hope of Jesus Christ to the world.

Joel Wayne

Founder and Executive Director

Luke Bilberry

Director of Operations

Michael Rubino

Board Member

Matt Thompson

Board Member

Blake Stevens

Board Member


Be The Church is a leadership engine developed to fuel church growth that was birthed in 2020 out of a global pandemic and government shutdowns. What started years ago as conversations and dreams of uniting local pastors and churches was instantly galvanized into a modern movement. From its beginning, the heart of Be The Church has been to unite local churches and pastors together to see communities around the world transformed by the gospel. When churches partner together to develop spiritual leaders, connecting like-hearted and like-minded followers of Jesus, they fuel a spiritual awakening across our culture.



Gospel message: The gospel to be central in all things.

The good news of what God has done through Jesus Christ to redeem humanity is the CENTRAL aim of a healthy church. The gospel is the source of salvation for humanity. It is also what sustains the work of ministry for all believers. We never move beyond our need of the gospel and because of that reality, we desire to see all people transformed by the gospel.

Gospel mandate: Disciples advancing the gospel at all costs.

The mandate given to the followers of Jesus is to GO and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Healthy churches will leverage all their resources to making disciples of Jesus Christ by building discipleship strategies.

Gospel multiplication: Gospel-centered communities multiply. 

The gospel is the source of salvation and what sustains a disciple-making movement. We desire to build sustainable and scalable structures that give rise to a movement of churches and leaders that make disciples and advance the kingdom in every corner of this world. A multiplication mindset is essential in helping reach communities, cities, and the world with the gospel.


Kingdom advancement depends on strong spiritual leadership for sustainable church growth.