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What would it look like if the local church was used to bring hope to world? 

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Joel Wayne | Executive Director


Healthy churches are built on healthy spiritual leadership. Without sustainable leadership development, the spiritual influence and voice of our local churches will wither. This is something I am personally passionate about because it’s something so often overlooked in churches today. The opportunities for local churches around the world to defy the statistics and be revitalized by healthy spiritual leaders can be realized today. Our prayer for Be The Church is to see the spiritual leaders of today and tomorrow be equipped through authentic leadership development, to foster relationships that weather any storm, and discover the massive impact they can make in churches and communities for the Kingdom of God. 


Birthed out of a global pandemic and government shutdowns, what started years ago as conversations and dreams of local pastors to see churches united was instantly galvanized into a modern movement. From the very beginning the heart of Be The Church has been to unite local churches and pastors together to see communities around the world transformed by the Gospel. 

Healthy churches grow spiritually, and spiritual growth in churches is fueled by healthy leadership. By equipping leaders to discover and expand their spiritual influence, hurting churches can be revitalized, new churches can be planted, and leaders can be multiplied. 

When churches partner together to develop spiritual leaders who connect and engage like-hearted, like-minded followers of Jesus, they fuel a spiritual awakening across our culture.


We work one-on-one with leaders and churches to assess their leadership influence and organizational health, and walk together through tailored plans for sustainable revitalization and growth.

Leadership Development

Through our Residency Program new and established leaders will help develop the mindset and skills necessary to become a more effective leader in the church. Residency programs are offered through our network of ministry centers to provide relational connection and hands-on ministry support.

Church Advancement

Healthy leaders invite accountability. Our Cohort Program provides established church leaders an avenue to relationally connect with other leaders, develop their leadership influence, and engage with consultancy opportunities to grow their church.

Church Planting

In partnership with the SEND Network, established church leaders and recent graduates of the Be The Church Residency Program are equipped and prepared to deploy as church planters.


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Download our digital program overview and discover additional resources to help leaders, churches, and communities grow.

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